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How many times have you said to yourself...

"I can do this myself! I'll just get deli trays from the supermarket and save some money. 15 minutes to place the order on the telephone and another 30 minutes to run by and pick it up...Simple."

Serving Southern-Style Food at Tucker High School.

Serving at Tucker High School, using wire chafers

And then you do just that -

  • get the deli trays from Publix
  • buy paper plates and napkins
  • forget to buy plastic utensils
  • forget condiments
  • forget to get ice for the drinks
  • forget to bring garbage bags for cleanup
  • don't even think about where to put the food once you get there
  • don't even think about a sharp knife for slicing the loaves of bread

The forgotten items cause more trips back to the supermarket or cast a shadow on your event - either way, the money you saved by doing it yourself has been spent, either in time or in perception.

You're getting more than great food when you engage Cohen Services to cater your event.  You're getting an ultra-professional and experienced caterer who will always consider the details of the event and remember all the things you didn't think of.  You will hear the attention to detail when you call me for a proposal. From on site cooking to the personal chef service to picking the right promotional product, Cohen Services is ready to serve. We have to - itÕs in our name.

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