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A special event can be made special by the people involved, through the food that is offered, even by the venue where it is held.

It's possible, though, to take special to an even higher level. By adding a promotional item that commemorates the event.

  • The group that organized a local church's 25th anniversary celebration ordered a Frisbee-like flying disk, had it emblazoned with the 25th anniversary logo, and used it as the serving piece for each "boxed" lunch.
  • The 100+ member family that has a barbecue picnic / reunion every five years created a special logo and ordered tshirts for everyone.
  • The telephone company that kept up with repair demand during a series of springtime storms ordered special "survivor" tshirts for the entire staff and said "thank you" with a turkey & dressing feast. 
  • When a school needs a teacher appreciation meal and a gift - Cohen Services has the goods!

 Next to the food table were coffee mugs purchased from Cohen Services and the client inserted the papers as an added gift!

We haven't listed specific items here, because the possibilities are endless.

Here's a few of our favorite search sites - browse through the vast selection, and then contact us - we'll suggest the item that exactly matches your needs and budget.  General Promotional Items,    Apparel, OR    Greeting Cards Group A, Greeting Cards Group B  ( More choices for your 2011 !! )

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Contact us, tell us about your event, and together we'll get creative!

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