Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I have my event?

This is perhaps one of the most difficult but important questions to answer!   The event location defines what items they provide and what items the caterer needs to bring.  A few of the places I have worked that allow outside food are:

We bring the plates - you create the smile

How is the food typically presented? All cold items are served on garnished disposable trays or in individual boxes. Our hot items are delivered in disposable aluminum containers, hot and ready to be served. Every Cohen Services-catered job includes serving utensils,  paper napkins, salt and pepper, and sauces
What are your payment terms? Payment terms are Net 10.
Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards.
What's the earliest time you can deliver? There is no time that is too early, or too late.  We've made delivers at 3AM for third-shift workers. Just tell us what you need.
Is this all there is?

As extensive as our menu choices are on our website, we can still do more.  If you're looking for a particular cuisine, just ask.  We can do it.

THE most important fact to take away from this web site is when you talk to Stephen Cohen, you are confident he cares about covering all the details ( even if you donÕt get everything from Cohen Services - NO Oversell here ) in order for you to have a successful event!

Who are your trusted vendors?

Nostalgicmedia   For a family reunion, wedding, or special presentation - convert photos and video into a DVD     404-844-3840     www.nostalgicmedia.com



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