Why Cohen Services?

Many restaurants offer catering, but it's nothing more than a to-go order that gets delivered by an employee who is headed that way.

Many catering companies will do any kind of food you require, but the minimum number of guests is 100.

Cohen Services is a different kind of catering company.  There is no minimum number of guests (although if you talk to Steve Cohen, he'll tell you the minimum number is 1!) and we deliver catering-company level service for much less.

At any event, the details are what make, or break, the host. Cohen Services has years of experience in producing successful events -- indoors or outdoors,  recreational or business,  at typical dining hours or at third-shift lunch hours (3 AM). We have the staff, the know-how and an interest in your success.

Contact us - we can't wait to hear about the event you're planning.

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