About Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen loves food and loves the "family feeling" that comes from large gatherings around food.  He also seems to love to have his picture taken!

He believes it comes partly from his Mother, who was a terrific and adventuresome cook, so he developed a taste for well-prepared and unusual food at an early age.

He honed his palate and his planning abilities as he began and built a career in construction management.


It was a joy to meet and talk with Guy Fieri        Allow me to share a smile with your guest

In 1995, he saw a need in the catering marketplace for a company that could handle large crowds or small, nouvelle cuisine or southern barbeque with equal ease, and founded Cohen Services.

He put the focus squarely on service and on food quality. His goal is to provide exactly what his customers are looking for, at a fair price and with a presentation that any host would be proud of. 


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