Other tent accessories are staging, side walls, heaters, lights, dance flooring, projection screen, and PA system.  Tent pricing includes set up.  As you can see. the tents are framed with no center pole.   

From 8-foot tents to keep the food in the shade to 60-foot tents to keep your guests in the shade, Cohen Services can create the outdoor setting you want for your event.

Pricing for tents is based on the number of guest, quantity of tables, types of chairs, arrangement of serving tables, installation surface ( grass or asphalt ), and other items ( such as drink stations or display tables).  DonÕt worry, we know the right questions to ask and if you need a CAD drawing for an unusual situation - no problem. ItÕs all about service.

Here is a little cheat sheet for sizing your tent:

100 sf for each serving table

Number of chairs on a rectangle table needs 10 sf each

Number of chairs on a round table  needs 12 sf each

Don't feel you need 100 chairs for 100 people unless you are having a program that everyone needs to be sitting at the same time.

Grilled pineapples at a clientÕs parking lot w/ a Cohen Services Tent - nothing better !



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