Service Options

When it's time to plan an event, the first question is "How much money can I spend?"

Think about the type of service you will need.

Small groups that eat on a tight schedule, like a lunch meeting, will be fine with drop-off service. The food is set up on your table with disposable serving pieces.

Larger groups or groups requiring the food to be available over a longer period of time will prefer chafer service.  The food will stay hot for a longer period of time, and the sauces are served in glass bowls.

To assist you in budgeting appropriately for your event, here are some service options to consider.

When you get your first proposal you will notice no line item for a mandatory tip. Can you imagine having to pay out a tip when the delivery person forgot the BBQ sauce and did not bring enough forks? If you feel the server did a great job or the personal chef did something over the top, a tip will be appreciated. Keep in mind that the server keeps all the tips and none goes to the owner.

Delivery and setup (drop off) Approximately 10% of total order (minimum $25)
Delivery, Setup and Cleanup (chafer service) Will vary based on the job, but a workable range is 15% - 25% of the total order
Serving Staff or Bartenders $20 per hour, per person
Chafing Dishes, Sterno $3.50 to $17 per set, depending on style.
What's the difference?
Supplies & Catering Fee This is based on the size and complexity of the order. We'll quote it for you

There is no extra charge for SMILING

This is our Whole Pig Station 


No matter what service level you need, Cohen Services is ready to help with a complete staff for the larger events or a caring delivery person on the drop off type jobs. When cooking on site is required, our master grill man is ready to wow your guests. And when you add a promotional product to tie the theme all together, you have a worry free event to enjoy and talk with your guest.


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