Past Successes


Our customers love our creativity when it comes to both the menu and the promotional products we can create to support their events.

The greatest benefit to using Cohen Services?  One vendor, for both the food and the giveaways. Less hassle, less follow-up, more service.

The Customer's Challenge The Cohen Solution

Plantation Pipeline was having a company picnic and wanted to give all the employees a shirt. From a typical tshirt vendor, they would have gotten huge boxes that had to be lugged to the park, and then staffers would have to search through the stacks to find the size for each recipient.


Tshirts compressed into an oval shape, about 3" across.

Plantation Pipeline was able to create a digital-print color insert and have it packaged with each T, plus, the size was right on top, making it easy to get the right size.


A Bio-Tech firm hosted a cocktail reception with a wide variety of fancy appetizers.  They wanted to say 'thank you' to their guests for contributing to the company's success.



Syringe-shaped highlighters and miniature bottles of Tabasco Sauce.

We picked the syringe shape for the health care industry and the Tabasco sauce because our client's products are hot and high-tech.


UPS rewarded its drivers with a special breakfast to thank them for the safety rating they received. They asked for a 'thank you gift.'


Golf towels printed with "Start Safe - Finish Safe".



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