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Red velvet- Southern classic with cream cheese frosting

Golden girl- Yellow cake filled and frosted with chocolate ganache

Hawaiian wedding- Coconut cake with pineapple filling and butter cream frosting

Coconut Cream- Coconut cake with pineapple and coconut cream filling.

Strawberry shortcake- Yellow cake filled w/ fresh strawberries & whipped cream.

Caramel cake- Caramel cake with caramel filling and butter cream

Snickers cake- Chocolate cake layers w/ chocolate ganache, caramel, peanut butter & snickers inside

Butterfinger cake- Yellow cake with butterfingers & chocolate cream icing

Chocolate mousse cake- Chocolate cake w/ chocolate mousse & chocolate icing

White chocolate mousse cake- Yellow cake w/ raspberry & white chocolate mousse

Carrot cake- Moist carrot cake layers with cream cheese frosting

Lemon cake- Lemon layers with lemon curd and butter cream

German chocolate cake- Chocolate cake w/ coconut filling & chocolate butter cream

Coca cola cake- Coca-cola soaked chocolate cake and chocolate icing

Banana pudding cake- Yellow cake with banana pudding & butter cream frosting

Fudge cake- Chocolate cake w/ chocolate ganache filling & chocolate icing

Zebra cake- Yellow & chocolate layers w/ white & dark chocolate mousse

Oreo cake- Chocolate cake with butter cream filling and crushed Oreos

Chocolate Raspberry cake- Chocolate cake w/ raspberry & chocolate ganache

Black Forest- Chocolate cake w/ cherry filling & whipped cream frosting

Hummingbird- Yellow cake with bananas, pineapples, and walnuts

Italian cream cake-Coconut cake w/ chocolate chips, coconut flakes & nuts

ReeseÕs peanut butter- Chocolate cake w/ peanut butter filling & chocolate frosting

Tiramisu- An Italian classic

N.Y. Blackout- Chocolate cake with chocolate pudding

To show off the south to your out of town guests or make them feel at home with some of their favorites, home made desserts completes the event!


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